Watts Center FAQs

Watts Center FAQs

We’re pleased to open the Watts ice rinks on Friday, November 26, 2021.  Our goal is create a safe and fun environment that follows the Illinois Department of Public Health guidelines.  

Get a Season Pass 


How do I purchase a season pass for Watts Ice Center? 

Click here to purchase a season pass. Fees for skating passes are as follows (R/NR): 

  • All Access Skating/Hockey Pass: $60/120 R/NR (Includes access 7-days per week to all open skate, open broomball and open hockey)
  • 5 Visit Guest Passes: $50/75* R/NR
  • 10 Visit Guest Passes: $100/150* R/NR

Do I need a season pass to enter the facility?

Season passes are required Friday-Sunday to attend open skate, hockey, or broomball. 


Can I purchase a daily admission ticket or do I need a season pass?

Only season pass holders will be able to skate at Watts on weekends, Friday-Sunday. Limited daily admission tickets will be sold online for weekday skates (Monday-Thursday). Daily admission tickets will not be sold on weekends (Friday-Sunday). Click here for daily admission tickets 

Do I need a season pass to take a skating or hockey class?

No, class participants do not need a season pass to participate in a skating or hockey class. Participants must register for classes in advance; the complete schedule of classes is available here

Do I need a separate pass to participate in Open Hockey?

No, our new All Access pass allows anyone with a season pass to participate in Open Skate, Open Hockey, or Open Broomball. Hockey helmets are required for all open hockey participants.

What are the facility hours? 

Monday-Friday - 12-9 PM

Saturday-Sunday - 11 AM-9 PM

A full schedule of open skate, hockey, and broomball will be posted in November.

Do I need to wear a mask in the facility? 

Yes, all patrons must wear a mask at all times while inside the Watts Center building. Masks are not required while outside skating or playing hockey.


Will you be offering skate rentals and skate aides?

Yes. Skate rentals will be $5/use. Skate aids will be available for FREE upon request at the facility. 

Will you be renting the facility for private rentals?

Yes. There is limited availability for ice rentals. For more information, please click here