Teen Programs


Pre-Teen Ceramics All Levels Favorite!


Grades 5-8, Wednesdays, 9/1-10/20, 5:30-7:30 PM, Takiff Center, $432/475, 212503-01
Grades 5-8, Wednesdays, 10/27-12/15, 5:30-7:30 PM, Takiff Center, $378/416, 212503-02

New students will learn the basics of wheeling throwing and hand-building. Returning students are encouraged to build on their existing skills. Class is designed to accommodate new and returning students and explore both functional and sculptural forms. To join this class: participants must be the activity's listed age by September 1, 2021. No class: November 24.

Intermediate Teen Ceramics


Grades 5-12, Tuesdays, 8/31-10/19, 5:30-7:30 PM, Takiff Center, $378/416, 212504-01
Grade 5-12, Tuesdays, 10/26-12/14, 5:30-7:30 PM, Takiff Center, $378/416, 212504-02

Designed for students with a minimum of one year wheel throwing experience. Students will build on their existing wheel-throwing skills and be challenged to create more complex forms and focus on independent projects. Both hand-built and wheel thrown projects will be demonstrated in class. Students must meet the one year of wheel throwing requirement due to the emphasis of working independently. To join this class: participants must be the activity's listed age by September 1, 2021. No class: September 7.


Teen Rowing with Sandy Culver


Ages 13-18, Thursdays, 9/2-10/21, 5-6 PM, Takiff Center, $161/177, 217609-03
Ages 13-18, Thursdays, 11/4-12/16, 5-6 PM, Takiff Center, $161/177, 217609-04

Whether you see a future on a crew team or are just looking for a challenging way to stay active, this class is for you. Instructors will focus on individual attention and proper form to ensure safety. No class: September 16 & November 25.

Developing Physical Literacy in Youth Athletics with Northbrook Speed Skating Club NEW!


Ages 8-18, Thursdays, 9/9-12/16, 3:45-4:45 PM, Takiff Center, $335/368, 202801-01

Northbrook Speedskating Club has been training and sending athletes to every Winter Olympics since 1952.  With particular emphasis on quality and technique, classes are tailored to help each participant achieve their personal athletic goals, regardless of their primary sport.  Through the American Development Model, as viewed by the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee, age-appropriate acquisition of fundamental movement patterns apply broadly across youth sports.  Exercises are designed to support coordination, speed and agility, strength and stamina, power and acceleration.  Workouts will include plyometrics, the use of slideboards, and learning to maintain flexibility to reduce the risk of injury.  Participants should bring their own water bottle and yoga mat to each class. No class: September 16 and November 25.