Adult Fitness Classes

Fitness Classes

A healthy mind and body starts with exercise! Glencoe Park District offers a variety of fitness classes each season - from favorites like yoga and Pilates to the latest in fitness trends like rowing and paddleboard yoga. Start your fitness routine today or add in a new class or two to spice up your regular workout! Attendees must be 18 and older.

To participate in Glencoe Park District fitness classes, patrons can attend by either purchasing a punch pass, paying a drop-in fee, or registering in-advance.

Moving with Weights with Marianne Nicolosi  

Not currently running due to Mask Mandate Tuesdays, 8/24-12/28, 8:20-9:20 AM, Takiff Center Fitness Studio, Drop-In/Punch Card

Not currently running due to Mask Mandate Thursdays, 8/26-12/30, 8:20-9:20 AM, Takiff Center Fitness Studio, Drop-In/Punch Card

This low-impact progressive cardio and weights program strengthens, improves muscle tone, and increases bone density. Using various weights plus simple step moves, this workout boosts upper and lower body strength and burns calories.


Row & Go Interval with Sandy Culver  

Tuesdays, 8/24-10/26, 8:30-9:30 AM, Takiff Center Yoga Studio, Drop-In/Punch Card

Mondays, 11/1-12/27, 9-10 AM, Takiff Center Yoga Studio, Drop-In/Punch Card

Instructors combine rowing intervals with dynamics sculpting exercises for the perfect balance of cardio and strength training. This heart-pumping, sweat-drenched, total body burn is as fun as it is effective. New to rowing? Don’t sweat it - we’ll teach you everything you need to know.


Flexible Aging with Monica O’Connor  

Tuesdays, beginning October 5, 9:45-10:45 AM, Takiff Center Fitness Studio, Drop-In/Punch Card

The objectives of this class will be: Flexibility, Mobility, Stretching, Range of Motion, Strength and Stability. All accomplished with a fun and positive approach. Monica’s enthusiasm for mobility is infectious! Please wear comfortable clothes, bring a yoga mat and a water bottle. The class will be 1 hour long.


Broadway & Beyond Dance with Monica O’Connor  

Wednesdays, 9-10:15 AM, Takiff Center Fitness Studio, Drop-In/Punch Card

Let’s dance! A fabulous, invigorating dance class with music from all genres, including pop, rock, Latin, Broadway, and even a little hip hop! You will learn a new dance combination every few classes along with stretching, toning, and strength training. Some dance familiarity is recommended but not required. It will be the most fun you’ve ever had on a Tuesday morning!

Rowing, Resistance, & Rolling with Sandy Culver  

Thursdays, 8/26-9/30, 8:30-9:30 AM, Takiff Center Yoga Studio, Drop-In/Punch Card

Thursdays, 10/7-10/28, 7:30-8:30 AM, Takiff Center Yoga Studio, Drop-In/Punch Card

Wednesdays, 11/3-12/29, 9-10 AM, Takiff Center Yoga Studio, Drop-In/Punch Card

Get ready to work your whole body and then hit the foam rollers! This class pairs moderate to high-intensity rowing with a variety of strength training exercises, followed by foam rolling to release muscle tightness. Targeting every major muscle group, the class is designed to increase your cardiovascular fitness, build strength and prevent injuries with deep tissue rolling (self-myofascial release). Open to all levels of fitness; no rowing or rolling experience necessary. Beginners welcome! Bring a mat and water bottle. We'll supply the foam rollers but you're welcome to bring your own.

Pilates Yoga Fusion with Silvia Strazzarino  

Thursdays, 10/7-11/18, 10:30-11:30 AM, Lakefront Park (weather permitting), Drop-In/Punch Card

This all-levels practice adds the benefits of yoga to Pilates mat work. Building core strength with classic Pilates sequences, short yoga moments are incorporated to add flexibility and mobility. Added challenges are shared for those who want a more challenging workout.

Jazz Dance with Julie Kaplan

Thursdays, 10-11:15 AM, Takiff Center Fitness Studio, Drop-In/Punch Card

Enjoy great music and dance combinations in this choreographed class. Recommended for dancers with experience in modern, jazz, or ballet. Abs and core work are included.

Floor Time Fundamentals with Jonathan Knipping, PT, DPT

Thursdays, 10/21-12/2, 10:00-10:45 AM, Takiff Center Yoga Studio, $133/146, 217714-02

Have you ever wished you could more easily and safely get down to the floor to exercise, reach under the sofa, or play with your grandkids and then get back up again? Do you want to feel more confident in your ability to get back up if you should fall? Designed and taught by a physical therapist, this 6-week course will teach you the essential skills and concepts needed to feel safe and confident getting down to the floor, moving through a variety of kneeling, sitting and lying positions, and getting back up again independently.


Tai Chi Fundamentals for All Levels with Jonathan Knipping, PT, DPT

Thursdays, 10/21-12/2, 11 AM-12 PM, Takiff Center Yoga Studio, $133/146, 217700-02

Tai Chi (Taiji) is an ancient Chinese martial art that is well known for its slow, graceful movements and has been shown to reduce stress and improve balance, coordination, and many other aspects of both physical and mental wellbeing. The Tai Chi Fundamentals(TM) program was developed through collaboration between a traditional Tai Chi teacher and a physical therapist. It is designed to impart the authentic essence of traditional Tai Chi in an accessible way through stages of progressive complexity. Wear comfortable clothes with light tennis shoes or slippers. Must be able to stand for 20 minutes at a time or more.

All Levels Yoga with Silvia Strazzarino  

Fridays, 10/8-11/19, 8:30-9:30 AM, Lakefront Park, $100/110, 117708-05

This class is for all levels where, while flowing, we could either slow down or build the stamina up a notch with more challenging options. Options for extra challenges or to tone it down! No drop-ins allowed. Must pre-register.