Connect Glencoe: Old Green Bay Trail Linear Parks

Connect Glencoe will activate a series of linear parks along Old Green Bay Road. The stretch of land is 0.53 miles (approximately 2,800 feet). The trail will be 10-feet wide with a crushed limestone surface. The overall design was created to accommodate a variety of users, ages, and abilities. It will act as a spine to a recreational multi-use trail that connects to an overall 9-mile trail in four villages.  

The project will connect five separate parks with a meandering path that takes walkers, runners, and bikers through an urban garden of mature trees. The trail will connect users to various gardens, fitness equipment, a new playground, an interactive water feature, a sculpture, as well as downtown businesses, the lakefront, and the train station. 

Recent Updates

Future Capital Project Discussion

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

As part of the annual capital project planning process, the Board of Commissioners discuss budgeting funds to continue to develop the Old Green Bay Linear Park Master Plan into a working Phase 1 Project. The Commissioners discuss the possible delay of capital replacement of existing infrastructure to fund the Phase 1 of the Old Green Bay Road Linear Park Master Plan.