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Phase 4 Guidlines
Erin Maassen
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Phase 4 Guidlines

Updated February 12

On February 1, the Governor announced our region moved to Phase 4 guidelines effective immediately. The state's guidelines, as it relates to general Park District operations, are below:

Indoor recreational activities

Preschool Enrichment Programs, Youth Enrichments Programs, Adult Art/Ceramics Programs
  • Indoor/outdoor recreation programs with less than 50 participants can take place
  • Participants/guests must wear face coverings at all times

Outdoor recreational activities

Outdoor sports classes, outdoor fitness classes, Skating/Hockey classes



Children’s Circle, Kids Club Enrichment Camp
  • Child care facilities will continue to operate subject to DCFS guidelines.
  • If District 35 goes fully remote, Kids Club will offer a full-day camp. 

Early Learning Center

Glencoe Fitness
  • Glencoe Fitness will continue to operate at 25% capacity (5 people per time slot)  
  • Face coverings should be worn at all times when inside a heath and fitness center, including while exercising. Face coverings should also be worn when outside if unable to maintain six feet social distancing from another individual
  • Reservations to use Glencoe Fitness are required (no walk-ins allowed)
Fitness Classes
  • Group fitness classes of up to 50 people with at least 6 ft. social distancing between individuals permitted; multiple groups permitted given facilities have space to appropriately social distance and can limit interaction between groups  
  • Workout stations and equipment should be 6 ft. apart without barriers or 3 ft. apart with impermeable barriers in between
  • Face masks are required at all times

Watts Rink Operations
Public Skate, Open Hockey, ice rentals
  • Rink visitors will not have access to the inside of Watts Center. Externally heated restrooms are available for use by patrons. There will also be heat lamps located near the rinks to help keep guests warm.
  • Outdoor recreation allowing group sizes of up to 50, and permitting multiple groups given facilities have space to appropriately social distance and can limit interaction between groups
  • Reservations required for each guest for outdoor activities. This includes public skate and open hockey at Watts.
  • Outdoor group activities are limited to 50 persons or less. This includes skating/hockey classes and private rentals. 
  • Participants/guests must wear face coverings at all times

  • Face masks and physical distancing required. 


A complete list of classes, along with program manager contact information, can be found here. If you have specific questions, our program managers are happy to assist you: