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Community Survey: Independence Day Fireworks

July 3 at Glencoe Beach or July 4 at Lakefront Park?

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Community Survey: Independence Day Fireworks

The Glencoe Park District would like your feedback on Independence Day fireworks. In the past, Glencoe Beach was used as a viewing area for Independence Day Fireworks. The fireworks were shot from a barge in Lake Michigan, approximately 1,500 feet (0.28 miles) from the shore. 

In 2014, the Glencoe Park District was informed that a barge was no longer an option on July 4 for fireworks. After considering alternatives, the Board of Commissioners voted to close the beach on July 4 to safely launch the fireworks from the sand. Since then, viewers have watched the fireworks show on July 4 at Lakefront Park. The fireworks are launched approximately 350 feet (0.05 miles) away, giving viewers a close fireworks experience. 

The Glencoe Park District has continued to explore options to keep Glencoe Beach open over the Independence Day holiday. While a barge will never be an available option on July 4 due to the lack availability of an appropriate sized barge required by state law, the Park District was presented with a new option for 2020: shoot the fireworks from a barge on July 3. This would mean Glencoe Beach would be open on July 3 and July 4 and fireworks viewing would again be available on the sand at Glencoe Beach.

The barge comes with an added expense of approximately $15,000, with a minimum fireworks show of $20,000. This would increase the overall cost of the fireworks show by $15,000-$20,000 (based on past costs). 

Take The Survey

The Glencoe Park District Board of Commissioners is seeking community feedback about changing the Independence Day fireworks to July 3. Your feedback will be used to help the Park Board vote on the matter. If the Park Board elects to move the fireworks to July 3, the date would stay the same for the next ten years. If a barge is unavailable on July 3, the fireworks would still be held that day, but viewing would return to Lakefront Park and Glencoe Beach would be closed.

Please note, fireworks on July 4 are available in other nearby communities, including Winnetka and Highland Park. All other Independence Day activities, including the Rotary Fun Run, Preschool Games, Glencoe's Got Talent, and the parade will continue to take place on July 4. The fireworks celebration will still include live music, food trucks, and a beer/wine tent.

The Glencoe Park District Board of Commissioners will discuss the issue at their September 17 meeting, which starts at 7 pm at the Takiff Center.