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Central Park Task Force Appointed

Community Members, Neighbors, and Stakeholder Organizations Represented

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Central Park Task Force Appointed

A Task Force comprised of Central Park neighbors, Glencoe community members, Glencoe Baseball Association representatives, the donor designee and staff members from District 35, the Village of Glencoe, and Glencoe Park District will meet this summer to discuss field/park concepts and work on a conceptual design with landscape architects from Hitchcock Design. The Task Force members, appointed by the Board of Commissioners at a Special Meeting on May 6, are: 

Voting Members:

  • Howard Buckner (Donor Designee/Glencoe Resident)
  • Drew Cardonick (Glencoe Baseball Association/Glencoe Resident)
  • Kathy Janega (Central Park Neighbor/Glencoe Resident)
  • Thomas Finke (Central Park Neighbor/Glencoe Resident)
  • Michael Perlberg (Glencoe Baseball Association/Glencoe Resident)
  • Connie Brandfonbrener (Central Park Neighbor/Glencoe Resident)
  • Howard Dubnow (Glencoe Resident)
  • Debbie Jha (Glencoe Youth Services/Glencoe Resident)

Ex-officio (non-voting members:

  • Glencoe School District 35: Cathy Crawford, Catherine Wang, and Ryan Mollet (they will rotate based on schedule availability)
  • Village of Glencoe: Sharron Tanner, Assistant Village Administrator
  • Park District Board of Commissioners: Seth Palatnik and Lisa Brooks
  • Glencoe Park District Staff: Lisa Sheppard (Executive Director), Chris Leiner (Director of Parks and Maintenance), Kraig Owens (Athletics Program Manager)

In pursuant with the Open Meetings Act, the Task Force meetings are open to the public and will allow time for public comment at the end of the meeting. The Task Force's function is to serve as an advisory group to the Park District Board of Commissioners. The group's goals are to understand the park and field use, to discuss design concepts/ideas/options, and to meet with Glencoe residents in community meeting forums to gather input on conceptual designs. In addition to the Task Force, there will also be opportunities for the general public to give input on the plans as the Park District moves through the design process. Public input sessions will be posted on the Park District website. 

The Task Force will consider aesthetics, athletic/recreational use, current property disposition, environmental stewardship, neighborhood impact, ordinance enforcement, park/field maintenance, safety, school impact/use, and sustainability during all discussions. 

Central Park was pinpointed in the Master Plan as a renovation project to take place within the next one to three years. The Task Force was formed in response to a gift offer of up to $1 million from Andrew Berlin in honor of his father, Melvin Berlin. The donation is to be used to renovate ball fields and amenities at Central Park, which will be re-named Berlin Park in honor of Melvin Berlin.  A long-time resident of the Glencoe community and former member of the Glencoe Park District Board of Commissioners (1973-1976), Melvin is strong pillar in the Glencoe community and a big baseball fan.

“The new park will be a great tribute to my father. The field represents his love of the Park District, the Glencoe community, and the great game of baseball,” said Andrew Berlin.


For more about the project, please visit the Park District's Upcoming Projects page.