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2018 Great Mud Run Race Results

Sunday, September 16, 2018

2018 Great Mud Run Race Results


On September 15, 331 Glencoe ran 1.2 miles, completing 12 obstacles, including three new challenges, at Watts Park for The Great Mud Run. 

Congratulations to all the runners for completing this challenging race! Each child should be proud of their accomplishments!


Race Results

  • Ages 7-8 Girls
    1st Place: ELSA FRANKE
    2nd Place: SAMANTHA LIPNICK 
    3rd Place: CHARLIE SCHER 

  • Ages 7-8 Boys
    1st Place: COLTON STILLER 
    2nd Place: DYLAN SEARS 
    3rd Place: CHARLIE CARUSO 

  • Ages 9-11: Girls
    1st Place:  REESE MEYERS 
    3rd Place: ELLA DARRAGH 

  • Ages 9-11 Boys
    1st Place: JOSEPH JACKIER  
    2nd Place: CHARLIE TINSLEY 
    3rd Place: HANS HUBER  

  • Ages 12-14 Girls
    1st Place: MARLEY MEYERS  
    2nd Place: SOFIA WITT   
    3rd Place: MALLORY JABERG 

  • Ages 12-14 Boys
    1st Place: CHARLIE OLESKER
    2nd Place: AERIK JAHANGIRI
    3rd Place: SAM WERTS   

For complete race results, click here.