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Glencoe Beach 160 Hazel Ave
United States

Cardboard Regatta

GLENCOE BEACH | $10/15 R/NR | ACTIVITY #120824-01 | AGES 6-18 

Turn paper into a seaworthy vessel! Build a cardboard boat and bring it to Glencoe Beach to race against other boats. We will present awards for speed and team spirit. Two team members must navigate the vessel. Must register  by August 6 to participate; limited day of registration may be accepted. In case of inclement weather, the Cardboard Regatta will be canceled. All boats must follow the construction rules below:

Boat Design & Construction Rules:

  •  Boats must be made BEFORE THE RACE.
  • Boats must be made ONLY of cardboard and duct tape. NO reinforced cardboard tubes, only broken down cardboard boxes.
  • Cardboard cannot be sealed with any paint or sealants.
  • Duct tape may be of varying colors for creativity but must have come manufactured in said
  • Boats may be a maximum width of 60” (5ft) and a maximum length of 84” (7ft).
  • Boats must be completed enclosed, or permit the crew to remain fully on top of the vessel (You are not permitted to have dangling extremities).
  • The boat’s passenger area must not be enclosed above the occupant’s shoulders so as to interfere with escape should the vessel begin to sink.
  • Boats must be propelled by the use of cardboard paddles.
  • Paddles must meet the same construction requirements as the boats (cardboard and duct tape only).
  • Boat design is left to the builders. Let your imagination take over; make your boat look like a race car, flying saucer, dragon, etc. Crew costumes are permitted.
  • If any illegal items used in construction are discovered during the pre- or post– race inspection, the boat will be disqualified.

Teams & Race Format

  • Teams may consist of two (2) to four (4) members; however only two (2) team members can be in the boat.
  • Team members must be between 6-18 years old.
  • Personal Flotation Devise (PFD) must be worn by all participants who occupy the vessel.
  • The race must begin and end with the two – person crew intact.
  • Swimming and/or pulling the boat will result in disqualification.
  • Teams will start from the beach and may receive a push from two (2) team members. Teams will navigate around the buoy and return back to the beach.
  • Judges reserve the rights to divide entrants into heats, depending on the number of vessels.
  • Awards for speed and team spirit will be presented.

*Any rule not specifically covered above will be left to the discretion of the Judges.


Event Start Date: 8/6/2021 12:30 PM

Event End Date: 8/6/2021 2:00 PM

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