In Honor Of…

Our parks, beaches, and open spaces are part of what makes living in Glencoe so special. The gift of a park bench, picnic table, or tree is a great way to honor a loved one or celebrate a memorable occasion while supporting the Glencoe Park District. For more information about donation options, please call (847) 835-7531 or send us an email.

Dedicate a Tree

A tree is a wonderful way to remember someone you love, for a birthday, anniversary, or memorial gift. Each year, the Glencoe Park District dedicates and plants trees in its parks in honor of and in memory of special individuals, couples and groups. Many varieties of trees and site locations are available for your donation. While final selection of the site and species remains with the Park District staff, we will work with you to select the type of tree and park location. All installations will be completed by the Park District and planted at the proper time, depending on the variety chosen. The price includes the tree, installation, plaque and continued maintenance of the tree. The Glencoe Park District will ensure the life of the tree for up to five years following the installation date.

Shade Trees: $400-$500
Commonly taller than fifty feet at maturity, these trees provide glorious shade, cheerful fall colors, and wildlife havitats that can last up to 200 years. Varieties include Tuliptree, Planetree, Buckeye, Maple, Elm, and Oak.

Ornamental Trees $300-$400
Intermediate in size, these graceful clump or trunk trees provide colorful flowers that have a lifespan of up to 30 years. Varieties include Linden, Red Bud, Magnolia, and Flowering Dogwood.

Evergreen Trees $250-$350 | Ponderosa Market Price
The ornaments of the White Pine, the unique beauty of the White Fir or the rugged, enduring Ponderosa Pine will be a lasting dedication. Please note, the Ponderosa Pine may take up to seven months to locate.

Adopt a Park Bench or Picnic Table

Share marriage proposals, memorials, birthday wishes, and more by adopting a park bench, picnic table, or Berlin Park stadium seat. The Park District will work with you to select the best location in a park, on a path, or at the beach. A stainless steel plaque with an inscription will be affixed to your donation. Adoptions support the upkeep and maintenance for ten years or the life of your park bench, picnic table, or stadium seat.

Park Bench $3,000

Park Bench at Glencoe Beach level $4,000 (A Mahogany wood bench to withstand the rigors of Lake Michigan.)

Picnic Table $3,000

Berlin Park Stadium Seat $1,000

Price above is for an already ADA accessible bench/table location . Add $1,000 for an ADA accessible pad. An ADA pathway connectivity cost is determined by length, contact us for a quote.  

Donate to a Specific Park

Want to help beautify one of Glencoe’s parks? Donation options are available for a variety of projects. If you are interested in custom donation, please call (847) 835-7531 or send us an email.

Glencoe Park District reserves the right to change the location of the tree, bench, picnic table, or stadium seat if the park is redesigned. Parks under renovation are not available for donations. The District will determine which parks are no longer available for donation opportunities due to lack of space, although current trees, benches, picnic tables, and stadium seats may be adopted.

Donations Contact

Jenny Runkel, Administrative Assistant