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820OrdinanceSurplus Property Disposal19.66 KBDownload
819ResolutionCommitment of Funds for Future Capital Projects16.65 KBDownload
818OrdinancePrevailing Wage2.95 MBDownload
817OrdinanceSurplus Property Disposal1.00 MBDownload
816ResolutionNick Ingleby - 30 Year Service Resolution267.50 KBDownload
815OrdinanceBudget and Appropriations Ordinance2.29 MBDownload
814Resolution2014 ComEd Green Region Program1.29 MBDownload
813ResolutionNSSRA Leave to Sell Property1.18 MBDownload
812ResolutionService Resolution - Nancy Symonds698.30 KBDownload
811OrdinanceTax Levy Ordinance1.29 MBDownload
810ResolutionService Resolution - Lorise Weil703.21 KBDownload
809ResolutionTruth in Taxation Resolution20.99 KBDownload
808ResolutionService Resolution - Rick Bold 17.76 KBDownload
807OrdinanceSurplus Property Ordinance30.70 KBDownload
804ResolutionCommitment of Funds for Future Capital Projects95.77 KBDownload
803OrdinanceSurplus Property 95.77 KBDownload
802ResolutionPMA Securities 29.60 KBDownload
801OrdinancePrevailing Wage205.52 KBDownload
800ResolutionHarris Bank Resolution23.55 KBDownload
799OrdinanceSurplus Property Disposal30.55 KBDownload
798ResolutionService Resolution - Trent P. Cornell273.28 KBDownload
797ResolutionService Resolution - Maxine Lans Retsky279.12 KBDownload
796OrdinanceBudget and Appropriation Ordinance 5-14-132.35 MBDownload
795ResolutionTwenty five year service resolution17.05 KBDownload
792ResolutionBank Depository Relationship 02-19-1381.28 KBDownload
791OrdinanceSurplus Property Disposal 02-19-1373.71 KBDownload
790OrdinanceSurplus Property Disposal 12-16-1261.23 KBDownload
789OrdinanceTax Levy Ordinance 11-13-121.24 MBDownload
788ResolutionTruth in Taxation Resolution 10-16-1214.98 KBDownload
786OrdinanceAmending Section 4.06 of Conduct Ordinance #700 08-28-121.59 MBDownload
785ResolutionCommitment of Funds for Future Capital Projects 08-28-12322.24 KBDownload
784OrdinanceAbating a Portion of Tax Levied 08-28-12603.65 KBDownload
783OrdinanceSurplus Property Ordinance 08-28-12969.33 KBDownload
782OrdinanceClosed Meeting Ordinance 07-17-1224.42 KBDownload
781ResolutionSamuel John Liebenson Eagle Scout Project 07-17-1223.58 KBDownload
780ResolutionBank Depository Relationship 07-17-1223.89 KBDownload
779ResolutionApproving Grant of Easement at Shelton Park to Am Shalom720.31 KBDownload
778ResolutionHarris Bank Depository 06-19-12520.04 KBDownload
777OrdinancePrevailing Wage Ordinance 06-19-123.67 MBDownload
776ResolutionFred Gerber 15 Year Service Resolution 05-16-1210.84 KBDownload
775ResolutionAmy Kritzberg 10 Year Service Resolution 05-15-1213.55 KBDownload
773ResolutionLength of Term to Four Years 04-17-1235.56 KBDownload
772ResolutionTax-Exempt Bond Record-Keeping Policy Resolution 04-17-1238.46 KBDownload
771ResolutionHelen's Ultimate Workout Extension 04-17-1244.08 KBDownload
770OrdinanceBudget and Appropriations Ordinance 04-17-1245.92 KBDownload
769OrdinanceSurplus Property Disposal 04-17-1232.09 KBDownload
768ResolutionTom McDonald 15 Year Service Resolution 2-21-1216.64 KBDownload
767ResolutionHeather Burns 10th Service Resolution 12-13-1119.70 KBDownload
766ResolutionArticles of Agreement for NSSRA1.55 MBDownload
765ResolutionShared Services with Village of Glencoe Pilot Program644.41 KBDownload
764ResolutionHelen’s Workout World Extension 11-15-11431.73 KBDownload
763ResolutionResolution Approving Retention of PMA Financial, Inc.22.79 KBDownload
762ResolutionResolution to Join Illinois Institutional Investors Trust23.28 KBDownload
761ResolutionTax Levy Ordinance 11-15-111.23 MBDownload
760ResolutionNancy Symonds 15th Service Resolution 10-18-11298.97 KBDownload
759ResolutionTruth in Taxation Resolution 10-18-11321.73 KBDownload
758OrdinanceSurplus Property Ordinance 10-18-11673.48 KBDownload
757ResolutionHelen's Ultimate Workout Extension 9-20-1137.81 KBDownload
756ResolutionHelen's Ultimate Workout Extension 08-25-11531.77 KBDownload
755ResolutionDan Barchenger 35th Service Resolution 08-25-11326.83 KBDownload
753OrdinanceSurplus Property Disposal 07-19-111.10 MBDownload
752OrdinancePrevailing Wage 06-21-115.82 MBDownload
751OrdinanceSurplus Property Disposal 06-21-111.17 MBDownload
750OrdinanceIdentity Protection Policy 05-17-112.48 MBDownload
749ResolutionBank Depository 05-17-112.82 MBDownload
748ResolutionCommissioner Service Resolution 05-17-11361.70 KBDownload
747ResolutionCommissioner Service Resolution 05-17-11297.69 KBDownload
746ResolutionGreat Lakes Initiative 04-12-11278.76 KBDownload
745OrdinanceBudget & Appropriations Ordinance 04-12-111.08 MBDownload
744OrdinanceSurplus Property Ordinance 04-12-11476.14 KBDownload
743ResolutionHarris Bank 01-18-11559.25 KBDownload
742OrdinanceAn Ordinance Levying Taxes 12.16.1027.38 KBDownload
741OrdinanceSurplus Property Disposal 12-16-1024.59 KBDownload
740ResolutionPark Grant Resolution 11-16-10317.74 KBDownload
739ResolutionTruth in Taxation Resolution 11-16-101.06 MBDownload
738ResolutionMarsha Cohen 10 Year Service 10-21-10270.74 KBDownload
735ResolutionCarol Mensinger 10 Year Service 07-20-1011.26 KBDownload
734ResolutionTim Stratton Service Resolution 07-20-1011.17 KBDownload
733OrdinanceSurplus Property Disposal 07-20-1024.01 KBDownload
732OrdinancePrevailing Wage Ordinance 06-15-1068.16 KBDownload
730OrdinanceBudget & Appropriations Ordinance 05-18-1038.08 KBDownload
729OrdinanceStorm Sewer Easement Shelton Ordinace 04-20-1023.33 KBDownload
728OrdinanceLevy Ordinance 2009 12-15-0927.54 KBDownload
727ResolutionTruth in Taxation Resolution 11-17-0914.51 KBDownload
726ResolutionCheryl DeClerck 20th Resolution 11-17-0911.24 KBDownload
724ResolutionHarris Bank Resolution 07-21-0923.57 KBDownload
723ResolutionRod Aiken Resolution 06-16-0923.34 KBDownload
722OrdinancePrevailing Wage 06-16-0923.04 KBDownload
720ResolutionChris Pfaff Service Resolution 05-19-0913.67 KBDownload
718OrdinanceBudget & Appropriations Ordinance 05-19-0938.30 KBDownload
717ResolutionNick Ingleby 25th Service 04-21-0911.61 KBDownload
715OrdinanceSurplus Property Disposal 01-20-0924.26 KBDownload
714OrdinanceTax Levy Ordinance 12-16-0827.45 KBDownload
713ResolutionFred Gerber Service Resolution 12-16-0811.04 KBDownload
711ResolutionTruth in Taxation Resolution 11-18-0814.78 KBDownload
709ResolutionRick Bold 30th 10-21-0811.44 KBDownload
707ResolutionJill Rackow 20th Service Resolution 07-15-0811.34 KBDownload
706OrdinancePrevailing Wage 06-17-0925.28 KBDownload
705ResolutionHarris Bank Depository Relationship 05-20-0823.45 KBDownload
704OrdinanceBudget & Appropriations Ordinance 05-20-0838.70 KBDownload
703OrdinanceCommissioner Meeting Attendance 06-16-0936.35 KBDownload
702ResolutionMcGovern Resolution 05-13-0812.28 KBDownload
701OrdinanceSurplus Property Disposal 04-15-0823.74 KBDownload
700OrdinanceConduct Ordinance 05-20-08201.05 KBDownload
699ResolutionEldridge 20th Service Resolution 04-15-0810.92 KBDownload
697OrdinanceLevy Ordinance 11-13-0727.70 KBDownload
696ResolutionTruth in Taxation Resolution 10-16-0714.69 KBDownload
695OrdinanceSurplus Property 09-18-0721.95 KBDownload
694OrdinancePrevailing Wage 06-18-0724.23 KBDownload
693ResolutionHarris Bank Resolution 05-15-0723.17 KBDownload
692ResolutionPeter L Holstein Service Resolution 05-15-0711.00 KBDownload
691ResolutionMichele D Porta Service Resolution 05-15-0713.12 KBDownload
690OrdinanceBudget & Appropriations Ordinance 05-15-0738.69 KBDownload
689ResolutionEmergency Repairs to Community Center 01-16-0724.01 KBDownload
688ResolutionWatts Temporary Fencing 01-16-0725.38 KBDownload

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Important Information

Anyone may request information from the Glencoe Park District by postal mail, electronic-mail or in writing.

The Glencoe Park District Freedom of Information Act Officer:

Jenny Runkel, Administrative Assistant
999 Green Bay Road, Glencoe, IL 60022
(847) 835-7531

Lisa Sheppard, Executive Director

Compliance with Public Act 97-0609

July 15, 2014
Pursuant to Public Act 97-0609 (5 ILCS 120/7.3), this document represents applicable employee compensation.