Strategic Planning

The Glencoe Beach and Lakefront Advisory Group presented its Mission and Vision Statement for the Glencoe Beach and Lakefront Park to the Board of Park Commissioners on December 18, 2012.

Strategic Road Map

The Glencoe Park District Board of Commissioners formally approved its “Strategic Road Map” at the September 20, 2011 regular board meeting.

Download the Strategic Road Map 2011 dated September 20, 2011.

This plan document, which builds off the framework of an earlier Strategic Plan, identifies 32 specific initiatives which will help the Glencoe Park District better serve the needs of the community and Park District patrons. Initiatives are grouped into four categories:

  • Our Government. Our plan to make our unit of government more effective, to deliver better services at a competitive price, and to open government to the public in the spirit of transparency and accountability.
  • Our Community. Our outline of initiatives that will strengthen opportunities for meaningful community input to ensure that the Glencoe Park District Board and Staff priorities are fully aligned with those we serve.
  • Our Parks and Facilities. Our strategy to provide a plan to be wise stewards of our strategic assets, with full input from the community to better serve needs of users and patrons. We also want to fully leverage our new Takiff Center to increase usage, and to make it grow into a true community center for Glencoe.
  • Our Programs. Our plan to leverage successful programs, to do a critical review of programs that are unsuccessful, and to develop a model which does a better job in successfully launching programs where there is demonstrated market demand for programs that can compete successfully.
  • These plans are highly interdependent. We cannot even begin to think about the way our unit of government should be structured and run without deep consideration of the support that the community needs and the best way to deliver those services. Likewise we cannot fully develop and manage our parks, facilities and programs without a deep understanding of what our communities, patrons and target market expect from us.

    We will report the status of these plans though direct written communications or through our website, and hope you will provide any input, insight, or suggestions you have over the coming months and years.

    Please feel free to direct input to

    Strategic Plan

    The Glencoe Park District's 5-Year Strategic Plan is an essential planning tool the District will use during the next five years to guide decisions about program, facility, and service improvements. To develop this plan, consulting firm Public Research Group, LLC (PRG) collected information from Park District stakeholders - including Glencoe residents and other primary users, board members, and staff - using surveys, focus groups, town hall meetings, and individual interviews. The input generated was analyzed and organized into a series of strategic goals and tactics presented in a 5-year plan.

    Download the Glencoe Park District's Strategic Plan.

    Park District staff is currently working to accomplish the year one goals described in the Strategic Plan. We are very excited to dive into this process and improve our dedicated service to the Glencoe community.