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Village Water Intake Pipe

Monday, August 14, 2017

During the week of July 31, a routine inspection of the Village’s water intake pipe in Lake Michigan revealed an excessive build-up of sand and sediment. While this does not compromise the quality of water in the Village’s water supply, as any sand and sediment is removed during the water treatment process, it is necessary to perform a comprehensive cleaning of the intake pipe to remove the sand and sediment material to ensure adequate water flow into the Glencoe Water Plant.   

The Village has contracted with Northern Divers USA, Inc. of Spring Grove, Illinois to facilitate the project, which will start Monday, August 21 and continue through Thursday, August 24. The Village could not wait until after Labor Day to start the project.  

The cleaning will require the use of seven diesel engine pumps operating continuously over a period of several days to flush out the sand and sediment. These pumps will be located just south of the Glencoe Water Plant, operating from the morning of Monday, August 21 until the cleaning is finished sometime on Thursday, August 24.  

What does this mean for boaters and swimmers? 

Monday, August 16-Friday, August 18 

On Wednesday, August 16, the contractor will start bringing down six large pumps.  The entrance on Hazel Road will be closed, so patrons will need to enter through the Park Avenue entrance. Access to the swimming and boating beach will be open as the contractor prepares for the project. Glencoe Park District staff will also begin moving a row of sailboats and kayaks/paddleboards on the swimming beach closest to the water plant. 

Saturday, August 19-Sunday, August 20 

Glencoe Beach will be open as usual.  

Monday, August 21-Wednesday, August 24 

On Monday, August 21, the Beach’s post-season will begin, which means the boat house will be closed and no lifeguards will be on duty during the week. The Beach House bathrooms will be open 9 am-5 pm. That day also marks the start of the cleaning the pipes. The large pumps will operate continuously for 72 hours.  Due to the type of equipment necessary for this work to be completed, there is a high likelihood of steady and continuous noise from the diesel engines and there will be a strong undertow that may not be visible on the surface. For the safety of our residents and Glencoe Beach patrons, the water will be closed Monday, August 21-Thursday, August 24 due to the dangerous undercurrent that the pumps will create in the work zone near the beach. No swimming, sailing, paddleboarding, or kayaking near Glencoe Beach will be permitted.  

Thursday, August 25-September 4

Glencoe Beach will resume post-season hours.  

Glencoe Park District is cooperating with the Village of Glencoe to ensure the safety of our community’s water supply. The safety of our water quality takes precedence over recreational boating and swimming.  

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If you have any questions, please contact David Mau, Public Works Director, at (847) 461-1116 or Alex Urbanczyk, Water Plant Supervisor, at (847) 461-1651.